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"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" ~ Hungerford. Each business likes to express themselves in a unique way. Custom designed websites are a way to show that you believe image matters.


There are many options to create a basic or common website. But, to truly develop a website of quality, one must master the skills of digital development.


Having experience working in the Marketing Department allows me to hone your website to attract your target audiences through Basic Search Engine Optimization

Social media

Using social media as an advertising and engagement platform has huge potential to drive customers to your business. As someone trained in social media marketing, I am able to integrate your social media accounts into your website and give advice.


As customers are flocking to the internet to shop, stores are continuing to move from "brick-and-mortar" to online. I have built several eCommerce sites that allow customers to browse, select, and purchase physical and digital products.

Help & Support

My pricing structure allows for help and customer support. Websites can be difficult to maintain, but a monthly service plan will remove the stress from keeping a website up-to-date. 

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Many people claim to offer SEO services for an additional cost. But I believe basic SEO is a requirement for any website that wants to be found. So I include basic SEO features (XML & HTML sitemaps, content keyword optimization, etc.) in all my website packages Search engines like Google have extremely complex algorithms to determine which sites rank where. The most important thing to improve your ranking is to have authoritative and helpful content. There are other actions and settings to improve your ranking such as site speed and indexing, but the best way to improve rankings is to encourage people to visit and stay on your site.

Speed Around the World

At BURK Digital we use optimized photos, caching, lazy loading, LiteSpeed PHP code and minimal plugins to allow our sites to load with lighting speed around the globe. But don't take our word for it, test out the sites we already built.

Earn with a Payment Platform

Take your site from a money pit to a cash cow. With the addition of a payment platform you can reach far more customers than any brick-and-mortar store could. What can your business offer online? Remember you can sell much more that just physical products online.

Amazingly Affordable

At BURK Digital we utilize time saving techniques, open source software and templates to offer amazing prices. Go ahead, compare our prices and features with other agencies.

Customer Communication

Your site can be an excellent way to keep in contact with your customers. When a customer needs someone in your industry, who is the first company that comes to their mind? Be THAT company.

Easy to Use Interface

Why pay us to make changes you could make yourself? We employ the opensource WordPress CMS. WordPress is running over half of the websites around the world. Whether it is updating pictures, products, team members, text, or contact info, it can be done in a matter of minutes.

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