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We are a young online marketing studio that was founded in 2020. We focus on offering top-notch web design services for small businesses and nonprofits, helping them leverage online resources to propel their organizations forward and accomplish their goals. Go ahead, talk with our partners (fans) to learn how we have demonstrated our value.

Brow-Raising ROI

We leverage the latest tools & technology (such as AI) to offer our partners unprecedented value in online marketing. Check our pricing, and allow us to walk alongside your organization and help deliver your goals.

Here are a few things we do to focus ROI for our clients:

  • We start by setting clear goals for your campaigns. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to increase brand awareness, generate leads, or drive sales? Once we know your goals, we can develop a strategy that’s tailored to your specific needs.
  • We choose the right channels for your target audience. Not all marketing channels are created equal. Some will be more effective at reaching your target audience than others. We use our expertise and data to identify the best channels for your business.
  • We track your results relentlessly. We use a variety of analytics tools to track your results and measure your ROI. This allows us to see what’s working and what’s not, so that we can make necessary adjustments to your campaigns.
  • We optimize your campaigns for ROI. We regularly review your campaign data and make adjustments to improve your ROI. We also use a variety of techniques to increase your conversion rate and reduce your costs.

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Dedicated Specialists

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Why Choose Us

You have many options to choose from with a wide array of costs. From free do-it-yourself tools to millions of $$$. We focus on keeping costs down for small to medium organizations, offering top-notch web design services for small business.

Commitment to Excellence

Our committment to Excellence extends from the time it takes to respond to an inquire to the last finishing touches of a website.

Results Oriented Projects

Online Marking ROI can be tracked and adjusted "on the fly". All our projects include reporting on how the project is producing.

Customer Service Priority

Our Commitment: We will respond to support tickets within 24 business hours or you get a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Continuous Improvement

If we are stagnate, we are failing to capitalize. Our process & systems are constantly under the microscope and being improved.

These Things Define Us

  1. Customer Focus: We make our clients’ needs the most important thing, building connections based on trust and understanding. Clients aren’t just numbers to us; we treat them as partners in growth.
  2. Proactive Communication: Miscommunication is the start of unmet expectations which leads to confrontation and unhappiness. We believe good communication will set our work apart and enable us to form lasting relationships with our clients. 
  3. Unwavering Integrity: The right thing to do is still the right thing to do, no matter how much it costs. We use the Bible as our guide, our inspiration, and our compass. 
  4. Thoughtful Innovation: Digital marketing strategies and trends are always shifting. An expert today can be “has been” tomorrow. BURK Digital continually invests in training, certifications and new tools to optimize our time and effort to offer an unmatched return-on-investment for our clients. 
  5. Adventurous Excellence: “Normal” doesn’t tend to capture attention or inspire innovation. Sometimes you need to step outside the box and dream up a storm. That’s why we don’t ever settle for the status quo.

"We partner with kingdom driven business owners to boost profitable leads and accelerate impact. "

"To be known among kingdom driven business owners as a trusted partner in innovative digital marketing solutions that simplify the process and don’t break the bank. Leading a legacy in creativity, honesty and diligence in business to the glory of God. "

Our Dedicated Caring Highly-Skilled Team

Our Dedicated Skilled Team at Burk Digital is committed to providing exceptional service and expertise in all aspects of digital marketing. With a focus on care and dedication, our team brings a wealth of skills and knowledge to help our clients achieve their goals and surpass expectations.

“I’m not the smartest fellow in the world, but I sure can pick smart colleagues.”

~Franklin D. Roosevelt

Jeff Burkholder Photo

Jeff Burkholder

Founder and General Manager

Garrison Photo

Garrison Miller

Website Department Manager

Michael Navidad Photo

Michael Navidad

Web Developer/Designer

Alex King

Alex King

Web/Graphic Designer

DJ Cahiles

Senior SEO

Natasha the Photographer

Natasha Stauffer


Tiffany King Photo

Tiffany King

Web/Graphic Designer

Steph Stoltzfus Photo

Kevin Ramos

Web/Graphic Designer

Our Story

Discover the essence of our journey and the values that drive our success.


Jeff Burkholder builds websites for Non-Profits

It all started with a few favors for some organizations that needed online representation without the high costs.


January 2020

Jeff Starts a business to manage the demand

As word got out about Jeff’s side projects and how he helped different organizations, requests came in for more and more websites. Jeff filed for the BURK Digital business name an a company was created.

January 2020

June 2022

BURK Digital Hires its first employee

Garrison Miller was the first team member hired to the position of website designer. 

June 2022

January 25, 2023

BURK Digital adds an Advanced SEO Service

With the hiring of Cody Sensenig, an experienced SEO and online marketer, BURK Digital substantially increased the performance level of the SEO services. 

January 25, 2023

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