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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with BURK Digital is akin to having a personal trainer for your website. Our professional SEO services are designed to assist you in reaching your goals, one step at a time.

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What Makes Our Service Unique

At BURK we are committed to innovation and creativity. This delivers higher value on the dollar for all the services we offer.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

We dig deep to find the keywords your audience is actually using.

White Hat Tactics

We only use ethical, 'white-hat' methods that are approved by search engines. This ensures long-term success.

User Friendly Reporting

We know numbers can be boring but our user-friendly, visually engaging reports make it easy for you.

Ongoing Support

We don't fix it and forget it. We walk with our customers as they grow and expand.

Our Easy 3-Step SEO Roadmap

Discover our straightforward 3-step SEO Roadmap designed to boost your online presence. Unlock the power of professional SEO services with our easy-to-follow guide:

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SEO Audit

A high-level overview of the website’s current SEO performance, with recommendations for growth.

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SEO Launchpad

A foundational setup for the website’s SEO, expanding on and implementing the fixes outlined in the SEO Audit.

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Monthly SEO

If we knocked your socks off with the results, continue to invest in an ongoing SEO strategy with us.

Our Happy Clients

SEO Audit & Strategy & Roadmap

A low-risk way to assess your online presence and pave a path towards growth.

During the SEO audit, we take a step back to examine the 10,000 ft view of your overall online presence. We meticulously document all identified issues and craft a comprehensive action plan aimed at boosting your rankings. Armed with this valuable insight, you have the option to implement the plan independently or leverage our expertise through the SEO Launchpad package, which offers professional SEO services.

SEO Launchpad

All the professional SEO services best practices implemented across your website to get you launch ready.

During the professional SEO services Launchpad we take the best-in-class SEO techniques and implement them sitewide. We also set up Google Analytics and Search Console to monitor the effects of our work and give us data to make better decisions going forward. You can expect to have an SEO optimized site at the end of this.

Ongoing Monthly Options

Explore our Ongoing Monthly Options for professional SEO services tailored to enhance your online visibility and drive organic traffic:


Just wanna maintain current rankings?
$ 500 Monthly
  • On-Site Technical SEO
  • Content Optimizations & Editing
  • Basic Page Speed Optimizations
  • Running Keywords List
  • Basic Monthly SEO Report
  • Monthly Email Updates


Looking to grow traffic steadily?
$ 1000 Monthly
  • Everything in Essentials
  • Content Creation & Optimization
  • Advanced Page Speed Optimization
  • Internal Link Building
  • Adding Structured Data/Schema
  • Detailed Monthly Report + Action Items
  • Monthly Strategy Call


Next years results tommorow!
$ 1500 Monthly
  • Everything in Growth
  • Link/Citation Building
  • A/B Page Testing
  • Advanced Competitive Research
  • Advanced Conversion Optimization
  • In-Depth Monthly Report + Trends
  • Bi-Weekly Email Update
  • Monthly Strategy Call

Our Clients Say...

Seriously, go call some of these guys and ask them how we did. Looking for professional SEO services? Check out our offerings at Burk Digital.

As a Startup Business, my website was virtually unreachable. Fortunately, I found BURK digital and I let them go to work. Not only did they find the problems that I created, but they were able to fix the SEO issues and made me “searchable” very quickly. 

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James Locke



Did an incredible job on our website. Highly recommend.

Man at Roys Body Shop

Mitch Demko

Lititz Collision



Still hesitant to bite the bullet on professional SEO services? Check out these answers to our most commonly asked questions.

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” Think of it like getting VIP access to the best party in town—Google’s front page! When you optimize your website, you’re making it easier for search engines to find you and show your site to people who are looking for what you offer. So, if you want more eyeballs on your website and more customers clicking the “Buy Now” button, SEO is your ticket in!

Ah, the age-old question! SEO isn’t an instant magic trick, folks. It’s more like baking a cake—you need the right ingredients and time for it to rise. Typically, you might start to see some changes in 3-6 months. But hang tight! The longer you stick with it, the sweeter the results.

We totally get it—everyone wants to be the prom king or queen of Google! While we strive to make your website as amazing as possible, we can’t 100% guarantee that #1 spot. There’s a lot of competition out there, and search engines are always changing the game. What we can promise is to give it our all to improve your rankings and get you as close to that crown as possible!

Nope, not at all! SEO is like a gym membership for your website—it’s for anyone who wants to get fit online. Whether you’re a mom-and-pop shop or a multinational corporation, SEO can help level the playing field. We offer plans for every size and type of business, so don’t count yourself out!

Sure, you can try DIY SEO, but be prepared for a wild ride! It’s a bit like trying to build a rocket ship with a manual—it takes time, expertise, and a whole lot of trial and error. At BURK Digital, we’re your skilled rocket scientists in the world of SEO. We help you reach for the stars without all the guesswork.

For Sure! However, we recommend you start at the very beginning. SEO can be a tedious process and starting with all the tools in your hands is best. The Audit isn’t that expensive and gives you a good foundation to launch from whether you work with us or DIY.

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