Why choose us?

There a lot of shams that will offer you a website at a low cost. In the past I have fallen for one of these cons. If you are unhappy with my design, I will work at it until you are satisfied. However, if my service does not leave you pleased, you can simply discontinue service. I price my sites in a way that allows for a minimal initial investment. This structure requires me to continually offer excellent service in order to make a profit on a site.

When you need help, you don’t want to wait on hold and explain your problem to several different people. You want to talk to the person that designed your site. If your problem is critical, I will work tirelessly to get your site back to generating income for your company.

I believe efficiency is important. It is due to my efficiency and use of available tools that I can offer my sites at such an affordable price. If you do not get the result you want, you do not have to continue paying the monthly maintenance fee.

Computer specialists are not typically known for social skills. Here at BURK Digital, we value the personal relationships that are formed between people and we translate that into an exceptional customer experience.  We strive to convert every customer into a long-term friend.

The tools we use to build your site today will become old and outdated. Most website design agencies will simply build you a site and leave it to rot. We commit to continually keeping your site up to date with the latest and most powerful code, CMS and plugins. Your site will include a site wide refresh every 7 years at your request, no additional charge.

Who Are We

I am a Mennonite high school technology instructor who has worked in Marketing in the past. I am married and have 3 children.  I am completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Information System Technologies at Albright College in Reading, PA. 

Our Mission

We strive to utilize the abilities God has given us by serving all our customers with professionalism, integrity, and love.  We aim to be completely transparent to our customers, employees and the community around us.

What We Do

We offer website, logo, and printed material design as well as, aerial photography and videography. We focus our energy on developing inexpensive sites for small business by efficiently using code already developed or writing our own. 

Our history

After working in marketing and design in a medium sized business,  volunteering by teaching school on the island of Grenada, and working on an ambulance, Jeff Burkholder began teaching technology and finance related courses at a local high school. Jeff & Whitney met in a social group and began a friendship right away. They began dating and were married in July of 2015. Jeff began building a few websites for local nonprofits for free and later some small businesses.  As word got out that Jeff had the capability to build & design websites, more businesses began asking him to design their sites as well.  In early 2019, Jeff decided to start a business developing websites for small to medium sized businesses.  He is also working toward a Bachelors of Science in Information System Technologies at Albright College in Reading, PA.

Our 6-D process



We explore what exactly you are hoping to get out of your website and what options are available



Both BURK Digital and the customer define their expectations to alleviate miscommunications and unrealized expectations



BURK Digital will design the site locally or on a sub-domain of the original site.  As the process advances, we will routinely ask for your input for the direction the site should pursue.



Special features such as payment platform, security, caching, optimization, backup, and online store are developed.



At the time of deployment, the existing site will be overwritten (a copy of existing site can be made) and your new site will be live in a matter of minutes.



After the new site is live, all the functions will be tested and you will give your stamp of completion. You now have a powerful tool to grow your business.

Do you have any more questions?

We value relationships & would love to get to know you better or tell you more about our business.